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AR Kingdom

Welcome to the AR Kingdom

I'm sure you didn't realize that right where you live there is a hidden world of characters, animals, creatures and more...?
Now you know that the little App button on your device will open this amazing augmented reality Kingdom you'll discover that it will change and grow over time.
Wherever you are in the world and when you're inside the AR Kingdom, these are called 'AR Patches'
And just as every Country, City, Town, Village and Neighbourhood, just like you and your friends, are all uniquley different and beautiful - the 'Patches' will weave together over time where you will be able to explore wonderful new characters and animals that live in different parts of the world, or as we say - different AR Patches.
You'll discover new and interesting characters and animals from Hisssy the snake to Mooo the little calf and so many more that you will get to meet, or maybe 'unlock' that we think you'll love exploring the AR Kingdom

Baaa & Humbug: The Game

Who is Baaa & Humbug?

Well, Baaa is a naughty sheep that lives in the AR Kingdom that for some reason hates the anything that includes friends and fun!
Humbug is a rambunctious racccooon and Baaa's trusty side kick who can scramble in and out of anything just to grab those shiny objects.
They have been spotted running around the AR Kingdom and probably right in your 'Patch', where they have been spotted stealing all the egggs that the other AR Kingdom animals have left around for the big 'AR Kingdom EGGG Hunt'
You have to stop Baaa & Humbug from stealing them and collect as many egggs as you can in your basket. The more egggs you collect, the more new items, hidden hearts or something more...


AR Beyond Your Reality

AuGames is a new and dynamic company that creates, designs and delivers amazing augmented reality gaming experience for mobile devices using the v:ar platform. Our agile and talented team work with Global brands to identify specific needs and desires where augmented reality can heighten and enhance their brand experience, while having a unique and immersive experience.